Cooking never looked better - or bolder! Complete your grill set or kitchen inventory with one of our branded TABASCO® kitchen tools. This signature collection comes packed with everything you need to add bold flavor and classic style to any cookout or dinner party.

With our selection of branded TABASCO® kitchen tools, your kitchen and cookouts have never looked better - or bolder! Browse our wide selection and bring the flavor!
Flavor Variety  
  1. The TABASCO® Cookbook

    The TABASCO® Cookbook

  2. Chef Apron

    Chef Apron

  3. Pot Holder

    Pot Holder

  4. Linen Towel

    Linen Towel

  5. Red Checkered Pot Holder

    Red Checkered Pot Holder

  6. Terry Towel

    Terry Towel

  7. TABASCO® Chili Bowl

    TABASCO® Chili Bowl

  8.  Wood Chips

    Wood Chips