Throw on something special from the TABASCO® brand! Whether you're shopping for yourself or buying a gift for your girlfriend, sister, mother or bestie, we've got a little dash of Louisiana magic to make the day special. Browse our collection of TABASCO® apparel options for women, which includes a range of branded products, such as t-shirts, pajamas, accessories, sport polos and more.

Spice up her day with something special from the TABASCO® brand! Our collection of apparel for women has everything from t-shirts and pajamas to accessories, sport polos and more.
  1. TABASCO<sup>®</sup> Retro T-Shirt

    TABASCO® Retro T-Shirt

  2. TABASCO<sup>®</sup> Makeup Bag

    TABASCO® Makeup Bag

  3. White Women’s Polo

    White Women’s Polo

  4. Sports Cut Swimsuit

    Sports Cut Swimsuit

  5. Bikini Swimsuit

    Bikini Swimsuit

  6. Navy Women’s Polo

    Navy Women’s Polo

  7. Marina Blue Women’s Polo

    Marina Blue Women’s Polo

  8. Aqua Women’s Polo

    Aqua Women’s Polo

  9. Lime Women’s Polo

    Lime Women’s Polo

  10. Carnation Women’s Polo

    Carnation Women’s Polo

  11. Pink Women’s Polo

    Pink Women’s Polo