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Whether you're firing up the grill or heating up the stove, we've got the perfect addition to punch up any meal. Incorporating all the flavor of the classic TABASCO® hot pepper sauce, our spicy selection of chili mixes and toppings is sure to bring the heat.

Made with all the bold flavor of classic TABASCO® hot pepper sauce, our inventory of food products and treats are perfect for spicing up snack time!
  1. TABASCO<sup>®</sup> Chili Starter

    TABASCO® Chili Starter

  2. TABASCO<sup>®</sup> Bloody Mary Mix

    TABASCO® Bloody Mary Mix

  3. TABASCO<sup>®</sup> Honey 24oz

    TABASCO® Honey 24oz

  4. Fini Balsalmic Vinegar

    Fini Balsalmic Vinegar