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TABASCO® “Aged to Perfection” Limited Edition Signed Poster

The larger 22" x 40" serigraph is a rare look into the aging art of TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce. Pepper Mash Warehouse 22 on Avery Island houses the white oak barrels of pepper mash aged for up to three years. The barrels are topped with a thick layer of salt that hardens to seal and protect the fiery mash that will one day become the flavorful pepper sauce known the world over.

This special limited edition series of 500 is numbered and signed by Paul McIlhenny, former President and CEO of McIlhenny Company and great grandson of the founder Edmund McIlhenny. The serigraph is on a 25% Rag Stock/Cotton Content Natural PH Fine Art Paper which will resist yellowing and is archival quality.

TABASCO<sup>®</sup> “Aged to Perfection” Limited Edition Signed Poster
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TABASCO “Aged to Perfection” Limited Edition Signed Poster,
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